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A Knoxville Home Builder Providing Quality, Convenience & Value

As a Knoxville home builder with over 100 years of combined residential construction experience, Saddlebrook offers you the opportunity to build a home with convenience, confidence, and lasting value in a maintenance free community. Our reputation as a local home builder precedes us as one of the finest quality residential builders in East Tennessee. Our luxury homes are built with the highest quality materials available and unrelenting scrutiny in craftsmanship. We make it fun, easy, and transparent to build a new home in Knoxville.

Our attention to detail and quality assurance doesn’t stop once the home is built. Saddlebrook continues to provide support through the warranty period even after the move-in has occurred. We pride ourselves in having long-term relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and financial institutions. We would like to welcome you to stress-free homebuilding! Come see why our customers rave about the Saddlebrook experience.

  • We enjoyed working with Saddlebrook to build our home. It was so nice to have choices, but yet within our limits so we were not overwhelmed.

    - Bob & Anita Edlund
  • I was very impressed with Heather in the Design Center. She was helpful and got back to me quickly with answers to all my questions.

    - Linda Underwood
  • I have heard so many horror stories about couples building a home. Going through Saddlebrook properties was nothing like this.

    - Audra Fegley
  • The whole process was easy, a lot easier than we thought. We thought building a house was going to be atrocious, but Saddlebrook made it very simple! We love Tina she was the best!

    - Bruchey Family